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We rely on devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to keep us connected. While our personal and professional lives would be unfathomable without these modern communication and productivity tools, they also come with a few drawbacks. All IT devices store data and this data can often be of a personal and/or confidential nature. In addition, many electronic devices also contain substances that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

Disposing of decommissioned IT assets can prove to be a particular challenge because the data that the devices contain needs to be destroyed before the devices themselves can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.  As we move more and more towards a fully digital world, the number of devices being used increases, which in turn increases the amount of data that is collected.  

Companies need to ensure that this data is destroyed in a secure manner if they are to remain compliant with data protection regulations. At Wisetek, we offer state-of-the-art data destruction services, and we have extensive know-how when it comes to maximising the financial potential of retired assets.

Why Work with Wisetek?

  • Flexible Pricing

    Tailored Pricing

    Wisetek understands that companies are unique and that no two companies have the same IT needs. For this reason, Wisetek offers customised pricing structures to every client. However diverse your needs may be, Wisetek can offer you a solution that will match your budget and IT requirements. 

  • Reliable & Trustworthy icon


    Wisetek puts a high premium on earning the trust of our customers. With certifications from leading international organisations such as ISO, OHSAS, R2, e-Stewards, Wheelabex and DLA Logistics Information, you can be sure that we exceed internationally accepted standards. We also have our in-house Wisetek Sustainable EARTH program, which focuses on environmentally sustainable data destruction and IT asset recycling processes.

  • Wide Geographical Coverage icon

    Large Geographical Footprint

    We have a global footprint which means that we can provide our customers with fast and effective service. Our facilities are strategically located throughout Europe and the UK. They are designed in accordance with the latest international best practices to ensure that we can provide global know-how combined with the efficiency of being a local service provider.

  • Unlocking Value icon

    Get More from Your IT Hardware

    IT assets are expensive and generally have a limited life cycle. At Wisetek, we understand the need to realise as high as possible financial gain from decommissioned IT devices. Through our global re-marketing network, we can ensure that you get the highest possible ROI from your IT assets.

  • Zero-Landfill Policy icon

    Zero-Landfill Policy

    Wisetek adheres to a strict zero-landfill policy, and choosing to work with us gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your data will be destroyed, but the environment will be protected. As eStewards certified recyclers, we employ the latest environmentally friendly data destruction techniques.

  • One-Stop Service Offering icon

    Large Service Offering

    We offer a one-stop solution for all your corporate computer recycling needs. This streamlines the IT asset recycling process and eliminates the need to use any third-party service providers. Because there are no third parties involved during the data destruction process, there is no risk of data leaks, and the process is simplified.

Experts In

Our Complete Computer Recycling Services

Data Security

ITAD is not just about destroying outdated and unwanted IT assets and data. Legislation like the GDPR make it compulsory for companies to protect the data of their customers and regulates the way in which data can be disposed of. By choosing to use a professional ITAD company in UK to take care of your IT asset disposition needs, you can be sure that your data remains secure and that you remain compliant with the law. 

data security for business computer recycling in the UK

Certified Recycling Services

Making sure that data is destroyed by a certified data destruction service provider like Wisetek is a wise choice. By using a certified service provider, you can be sure that your data will be destroyed in accordance with the law and international best practices. When you need business computer recycling in the UK, Wisetek is the local specialist with international experience.

certified corporate computer recycling services in the UK

Data Center Services

As more and more companies migrate from local data centers to cloud-based service providers, data center decommissioning is becoming an important aspect of IT asset disposal. Wisetek has vast experience in the decommissioning of data centers. We can assist you from the planning phase to the end and ensure that your data center is decommissioned without a glitch or leak.

data center decommissioning services in the UK

Worldwide Coverage

As a global leader in the ITAD sector, Wisetek brings international expertise to you. We have a large footprint with data destruction centres located in the UK, the EU and Ireland. Through this large footprint and selected partnerships, we can offer our clients access to the latest technology in the ITAD sector. When choosing Wisetek, customers can rest assured knowing that their data destruction project is in safe hands.

corporate computer recycling services in UK

On-site and Off-site Computer Recycling

Wisetek offers flexible data recycling options, including an on-site destructive recycling service. We use NSA-approved mobile data destruction rigs to destroy IT assets on-site, and customers can witness the process in person. In addition, we also offer off-site data destruction services. Our off-site destruction process is monitored, and we can provide customers with video evidence of the destruction process so that they always know exactly what happens to their data.

onsite and offsite business computer recycling

Remote IT Management

Remote working is on the rise, and this poses the challenge of how to effectively manage remote IT assets. Wisetek can help you with this by offering a full suite of remote IT services that include hardware collection, deployment and maintenance. We offer this service on an individual basis or as a batch consignment, making us the perfect partner for your remote IT management needs.

business computer recycling services

How are Business Computers Recycled?

Recycling corporate computers is not a straightforward process; several steps are required, and many of the materials that are used in the manufacture of computers are hazardous to the environment. At Wisetek, we use the latest electronic recycling processes to give our clients the highest possible return on investment. The main steps of the recycling process include: 

Receiving & Basic Preparations

The first step in the process is to receive the IT assets that require recycling. The raw materials are weighed, and any hazardous material is removed. Weight is the most used unit of measure in the recycling process, and we keep detailed records for transparency. If a customer so wishes, we can also sort raw materials to facilitate detailed reporting. 

Manual Removal of Hazardous Items

The next step is the manual and thorough removal of any hazardous items. This part of the process is quite labour-intensive, but it is done with great care to ensure that any items that can damage the environment are removed and disposed of sustainably. This includes items like batteries, toner and ink, cathode ray tubes and scanner bulbs.

Material Shredding

Next, the raw material is sent through a scanner that breaks it up into large chunks. Everything, aside from the removed hazardous materials, is sent through the shredder. Since the materials are mixed, sorting is required before the recycling process can continue. 

Material Sorting

Several sorting techniques are used to sort different materials into groups. The first step is the removal of all metal items. This is done by passing the material under a powerful magnet which picks up all the metallic components. The remaining non-magnetic metals, such as aluminium, are then removed from the plastic components. Items such as glass and circuit boards are also removed before the plastic is sent through an advanced plastic separation system. The result is a plastic stream that is as pure as possible.

Collection and Distribution of Materials

The last step is to collect the various recycled components. This is done by grouping items together and weighing them. A detailed report containing the weights of the different commodities can then be created, which results in the highest possible ROI for clients. In addition, this step-by-step process also provides the best balance between environmental protection and obtaining a good ROI on recycled IT assets.

Why Is Recycling Old IT Corporate Laptops Important?

Reduced Impact

Taking Care of the Environment

E-waste is a big and growing problem. In fact, it is one of the biggest environmental challenges that we have faced so far. With the UK being responsible for a large chunk of the global e-waste problem, it is important that everything that can possibly be done to protect the environment is done. One of the best ways to do this is to promote sustainable recycling practices.

Reduced Impact

Less Production, Reduced Impact 

Many of the components that are used in the manufacture of computers can be recycled. When recycling is promoted, fewer parts need to be produced from scratch. Although there is still an impact on the environment, the impact of using recycled raw materials is less than using new materials.

Cleaner Water

Improved Water Quality 

Many of the components contained in computers are hazardous and can pollute water sources. Especially toxic substances include mercury and lead, which are problematic for humans and animals. By responsibly recycling old IT assets, you can prevent these substances from polluting groundwater sources.

Safer Landfills

Safer Landfills

While most of us avoid landfills, the reality is that some people need to scavenge them for anything of value to make a living. Many landfills also double as a playing space for children, especially in poor countries. By responsibly recycling old IT hardware, you can ensure that toxic and dangerous waste doesn’t make it to these landfills, thereby making them safer.

Improved ROI

Better ROIs 

IT assets represent a big investment for most companies and it is no surprise that many companies are interested in getting a good ROI when retiring their old IT assets. By responsibly recycling business computers, you can increase the ROI of these devices.

Good Ethics

Unquestionable Ethics

Responsibly recycling old IT assets is the only ethical way to dispose of them. Wisetek helps companies to do so by ensuring that any assets that are earmarked for recycling are recycled in an environmentally friendly way. 

Certified Corporate Laptop Recycling Service

If you want to have absolute peace of mind that your IT assets have been recycled in an environmentally friendly way, you can rest assured when entrusting Wisetek with this task. Wisetek prides itself in making sure that all our processes comply with the latest laws, guidelines and international best practices. Wisetek is certified by eStewards and the protection of the environment enjoys the top priority in everything that we do, including our other services:

IT Asset Audit & Removal

Wisetek employs a systematic approach to ensure that decommissioned IT assets are securely removed. We make the chain of custody records available to our customers so that they always have oversight and know exactly where their assets are. From removal to remarketing, we can track your assets.

Data Sanitation Services 

Wisetek offers a full suite of on- and off-site data destruction solutions. Data can be destroyed by secure data erasure or by physically destroying the storage medium. The appropriate method is determined by the sensitivity of the data and video evidence of the destruction procedure can be provided to customers upon request. 

Global Asset Re-Marketing

At Wisetek, we use our global footprint to give customers access to a worldwide network of experienced resellers that can resell your retired IT assets at the best possible price.  

ReturnTEK Management Portal

Wisetek’s ReturnTEK customer portal gives customers complete control of the data destruction and recycling process. Clients can access real-time information and view the data destruction process as it unfolds.

Corporate Computer Recycling FAQs

What is Business Computer Recycling?

Corporate computer recycling refers to the process of extracting various parts form decommissioned IT assets. These parts are then recycled and used to build new IT assets.

What to look for in a Corporate Computer Recycling Company?

Look for a company that has an established track record in the industry and can provide you with certificates showing that they are responsible recyclers. 

How does Wisetek Recycle Corporate Computers?

Wisetek uses a step-by-step process to recycle computers and give businesses the maximum possible ROI on their retired IT assets.

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