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IT asset disposal has become a substantial part of modern business, largely thanks to the growing importance of IT equipment in even the most mundane of tasks. From the desktop computers in our offices to the phones in our pockets, IT is everywhere, and though the experience of working with technology can be so seamless as to be invisible, its existence has wider implications. Maintaining data security is harder than ever when you consider the volume of data that is being created and stored, whether it’s on remote cloud servers or on your phone. When this equipment reaches the end of its life cycle, secure IT disposal is essential in ensuring both the security of the data they once held and the compliance of the organisations using them. Wisetek ensures our customer’s IT disposal needs are met, in keeping with all relevant local and international regulations. 

What is IT Asset Disposal?

IT asset disposal is the process of dealing with IT equipment that has reached its end of life with an organisation—either through sale, damage, or depreciation—in a way that ensures any sensitive data on those devices does not fall into the wrong hands. That’s exactly what can happen if old IT equipment is disposed of in a more conventional manner. Over recent decades, secure IT disposal has become crucial as the use of technology has spread into every facet of business and, indeed, our personal lives. To avoid breaching regulations it has become vital to use an IT asset disposal company than handle these matters in-house. 


There are distinct phases that make up the IT equipment recycling procedure: 

  • The removal of equipment that has reached end of life 
  • The sanitisation of sensitive data through a variety of methods, including hard drive destruction 
  • Re-marketing or recycling of IT assets, breaking them down into their component parts and recycled to standards and principles adopted by eSteward certified recyclers. 

It is a sad reality that as little as 40% of Europe’s e-waste gets recycled. The rest poses a substantial risk to the environment as it tyically ends up in landfills where the materials that make up the equipment can contaminate the land. Using a certified IT disposal company like Wisetek helps to reduce this problem. In fact, at Wisetek we are very proud to have a Zero-Landfill Policy. We remarket, reuse, or recycle every IT asset. 

Secure IT Asset Disposal Services

Certified Equipment Destruction

While IT disposal and remarketing is often the preferred option—especially in today’s environmentally conscious times—there are times when the only practical solution is assured destruction. Using best practices for secure IT disposals, Wisetek gives out clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data has been destroyed beyond recovery. Wisetek has a portfolio of certified equipment destruction services that can meet all the secure IT disposal needs of our clients. This includes meeting various standards, such as ISO, WEEELABEX, eStewards, and R2 – Responsible Recycling. 


IT Asset Disposal

Data Centre Services

Wisetek’s all-inclusive ITAD and data centre services make it a simple affair for our clients to manage data centres. Every aspect of data centre management is covered, from migration to hardware supply and, ultimately, decommissioning and IT disposal. Our services allow our clients to refocus their in-house IT department, using them more efficiently to tackle the myriad of important IT tasks that modern businesses face. We also provide real-time reporting on things like resource utilisation and critical issues through our AudIT portal. 

IT Asset Disposal

Worldwide Partnerships & Coverage

Wisetek boasts a global footprint that provides access to a worldwide network of trusted partners. This allows us to provide commercial IT disposal on a European scale, no matter where in the world the equipment is and no matter the scale of the project. Naturally, our coverage extends throughout the UK including all major cities, such as Manchester, Birmingham, and London, and then beyond to the rest of Europe. Our worldwide footprint makes our green IT disposal and IT remarketing service extremely effective, taking advantage of circular economy principles and enabling our clients to benefit from an increased ROI on their retired IT assets. 

Worldwide Partnerships & Coverage

Why Choose Wisetek for Commercial IT Asset Disposal?

  • Data Destruction Brought to You

    Fast and Efficient IT Asset Removal

    Wisetek’s data centre decommissioning services are end-to-end, and clients can track the progress of the operation through our online portal. We also provide full IT asset auditing tools to help our clients save time and maximise their financial returns. 

  • Nationwide Coverage

    On-Site Data Destruction Services

    We provide our world-class commercial IT disposal services on and off-site thanks to our mobile hard drive destruction rigs. Using these rigs, we can shred data just as effectively from a client’s parking area as we can from our own facilities. 

  • Fully Internationally Certified Equipment Destruction

    Global Remarketing Services

    With access to our worldwide network of sellers, we help our clients improve the ROI on their retired IT assets. We have a team of experts with full access to our global inventory at any time, making our remarketing process highly effective. 

  • Fully Internationally Certified Equipment Destruction

    Fully Internationally Certified Equipment Destruction

    While remarketing is generally a preferred option, both in terms of the environment and ROI, it’s not always possible. Wisetek is committed to responsible recycling and adhering to R2, ISO, WEEELABEX, and eStewards certifications. 

  • Flexible Pricing For Different Needs

    Flexible Pricing For Different Situations

    Here at Wisetek, we understand that no two businesses are the same, and that is why we offer unique pricing to suit the needs and circumstances of individual clients, regardless of the complexity or size of the operation. 

  • Trustworthy, Reliable and Completely Secure

    A Secure, Trustworthy, and Reliable IT Disposal Company

    Wisetek works hard to ensure that the IT asset disposal process is as secure and transparent as possible, giving our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their IT asset disposal is being handled securely. 

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The Importance of Disposing of IT Assets Responsibly

Wisetek Takes Zero Landfill Policies and Circular Economy Seriously 

Looking after the environment has become a more pressing issue than ever, and, as such, it is one of the most important considerations in IT asset disposal. Wisetek does not underestimate this importance, and we adhere strictly to safe IT asset disposal practices, as well as observing international guidelines. It is Wisetek’s stance that no IT assets should find their way into a landfill because of the damage they can do to the environment. 

Wisetek works with its clients to help them achieve their environmental and corporate social responsibility goals. Our services are built around the core goal of protecting the environment, and practices like IT asset repurposing and concepts like circular economy help us to achieve those core goals. 

IT assets play a fundamental role in modern business, whether it’s a small business looking to grow, or a large established business. Factoring sustainability into business growth makes the growth itself sustainable. 

Green IT Disposal

  • Certified IT Asset Disposal

    Certified IT Asset Disposal

    To meet the high standards of quality that are required by certified recycling services, an IT asset disposal service must continually demonstrate that it meets the required environmental protection targets. 

  • Global Tracking

    Stay Informed: Global Tracking

    Full environmental reporting provides our clients with a way see exactly what happens during the disposal process, including comprehensive data on each stage of disposal, recycling, and remarketing. 

  • Leave No Trace Behind: Destructive Recycling

    Zero Trace with Destructive Recycling

    Environmental concerns are crucial in IT disposal, but they are not the only concerns. With both on and off-site hard drive destruction services, Wisetekcan ensure that any data on retired IT assets is completely destroyed. 

  • Have No Doubts: Environmental Reportin

    Full Transparency With Environmental Reporting

    Wisetek’s global inventory tracking system gives our clients the ability to know exactly where recycled material is, giving them the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are in compliance and actively working to protect the environment. 

  • Circular Economy: Zero Landfill Policy

    Circular Economies and Zero Landfill Policies

    We use the latest technologies to ensure that e-waste does as little damage to the environment as possible, with the ultimate goal to ensure that no e-waste finds its way into landfills. 

IT Asset Disposal FAQ’s

What is secure IT asset disposal?

Secure IT asset disposal is a practice that comes into play once an IT asset has been retired. This practice will see the asset remarketed, repurposed, or recycled, with any data that had previously been stored on the asset sanitised or destroyed. 

Why is it important to dispose of IT assets properly?

The two main reasons for proper IT disposal are security and sustainability. Retired IT assets can contain sensitive data that needs to be sanitised or destroyed, and all IT assets contain substances that are harmful to the environment if not disposed of in a proper manner. 

How are IT assets disposed of in UK?

Depending on the sensitivity of the data housed on the devices and the customer’s needs, IT assets can be disposed of via destructive recycling or re-marketing. The component parts of destroyed IT assets are usually recycled and re-marketed assets are sanitised before being sold on.

How does Wisetek dispose of IT assets?

Wisetek prefers the circular economy model for IT asset disposal. This methodology has the benefit of reducing harmful substances being introduced into the environment through landfills and increasing the ROI for our clients. 

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