Circular Economy is a fundamental aspect of what Wisetek does and a principle to which we are committed. The premise of the Circular Economy is embedded in all of our processes, such as the commitment to reusing, repairing, refurbishing, or recycling existing electronics and other materials to avoid unnecessary waste. 

This methodology aims to reject the more conventional Linear Economy, which inherently produces a lot of unnecessary waste. Particularly when it comes to electronic devices and components. In sticking with the principles of a Circular Economy, we truly believe that we can still benefit from the advances and innovations that IT and technology companies offer, but in a more sustainable way that is better for the environment. 

There is a reuse case for every redundant IT asset, no matter its apparent state. Devices may be re-used by the original owner, sold to a new owner, or even donated to charity. When an IT asset reaches its End of Life (EOL), Wisetek believes it should be recycled in a way that adheres to the very best environmental standards. There is no reason to put anything in a landfill. See our full suite of responsible ITAD & Data Destruction Services.

Wisetek makes it possible for a business to use its IT assets in an environmentally sustainable way, adhering to the principles of the Circular Economy. This methodology is a fundamental tool in the global transition to net-zero emissions, an aim that Wisetek is in full support of, and intends to play an active role in achieving.