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  • £1.75B
    Components recovered for reuse

Data destruction is becoming a crucial part of the operations of UK businesses. The growing capabilities of technology are certainly beneficial in corporate settings, but they come with some challenges.

UK government-commissioned research has shown that two thirds of all the large companies interviewed had 1,000+ devices. With this come additional challenges: first, planned obsolescence creates the problem of e-waste and its secure disposal. UK e-waste statistics show that each person generates nearly 24 kilos of e-waste per year, much of which ends up in landfills. 
As an experienced data destruction UK company, Wisetek is familiar with the challenges that large businesses face today when it comes to secure data destruction and IT Asset Disposal – and we’re here to help you overcome them in a way that makes operational and financial sense. 

Why Choose Wisetek's Secure Data Destruction Services

  • Nationwide Coverage

    UK-wide Corporate Data Destruction Experts

    Our data destruction services are exclusively available to SMEs & large companies. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for providing nationwide secure data destruction in the UK’s top business hubs, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh.

  • One-Stop ITAD Solutions

    Boosting ROI

    Secure data destruction is our core business, but we’re also a specialised IT disposal company focused on helping corporate clients get optimal ROI on their redundant IT assets. We do this through our global re-marketing programme.

  • Creation of On-Point CSR Strategies

    Support CSR Strategic Goals

    Wisetek is committed to sustainable data destruction practices and is a strong supporter of the circular economy. As such, we exclusively provide services that are in line with CSR standards, which help raise your organisation’s sustainability profile.

  • Guaranteed Trust & Transparency

    Trusted Data Destruction Provider

    Trust and transparency are the trademark of our processes and services. We take peace of mind and compliance seriously, so all data destruction processes are backed up with video evidence that documents the thoroughness of each procedure.

  • Hassle-Free Compliance

    Data Destruction Compliance

    As a company specialising in data destruction in the UK, Wisetek holds all relevant certifications that guarantee compliance at local, national, and global level, including ISO 9001, R2 Responsible Recycling, e-Stewards, Weelabex, and more.

  • Adaptable Pricing

    Bespoke Pricing

    Wisetek’s end-to-end secure data destruction services are designed to be flexible and easily adapted to different needs, without ever compromising quality and compliance. Along with bespoke services, Wisetek offers flexible and tailored pricing.

Experts In

Our Secure Data Destruction Services

Experts in SSD Destruction

At Wisetek we excel where other ITAD companies can’t perform, providing secure Solid State Drive destruction services to corporate clients all over the UK, from London to Edinburgh. To that end, we use NSA-approved equipment that guarantees SSD data is irretrievable.  

Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

On-Site and Off-Site Data Destruction

Large corporates have special confidentiality needs. To address them, we offer a high-security on-site data destruction service featuring live GPS tracking, NSA-approved mobile destruction equipment available nationwide, and a fully secure environment managed by corporate data destruction UK experts. 

Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

Fully Secure Data Destruction

Regulations change and requirements are updated, but that’s never an issue for a locally and globally certified data destruction company like Wisetek. Our corporate services always comply with the latest regulations, whether they involve IT Asset Disposition, Data Destruction, Certified Recycling, or Data Centre Decommissioning.

Secure Data Destruction Service

Local UK Provider, Global Coverage

Wisetek has a global presence. This means we can draw on our global experience while remaining as customer-focused and accessible as a local data destruction service provider in the UK. We also understand local regulations, including those that apply to the EU, and have established operating centres in the EMEA and APAC regions.

Your Global but Local ITAD Service Provider

Full Audit Trails

As a certified IT disposal company, we assess corporate IT inventory, advice on the most secure disposal methods, and provide a full audit trail supported by documentary evidence that can be easily accessed via a dedicated user portal where you can track our ITAD processes.

Full Audit Trails

The Benefits of Secure Data Destruction

On average, corporate data breaches cost UK companies £3.2 million. The cost of data breaches isn’t only related to record and file recovery expenses, but also to fines, legal fees, and reputational damage that causes loss of business. This, alongside an increasingly strict regulatory environment, highlights the vital importance of choosing a certified data destruction provider here in London or across the UK. At Wisetek, your peace of mind and long-term success is our priority. Our comprehensive range of certified data destruction services cover every aspect of compliance, confidentiality, and sustainability, helping UK corporates maintain a spotless reputation and optimise ROI on IT assets.

Other Services Provided

  • Manufacturing & Fulfilment

    Wisetek can help customers with IT infrastructure planning and installation. Wisetek can help your company keep its data and hardware running smoothly by providing value-added services such as supply chain management, full system testing, and direct fulfillment.

  • Data Centre Services

    Wisetek provides a full range of on-site and off-site data center services. This includes performing physical audits of IT assets on-site, IT relocation services, and the secure decommissioning of IT devices.

  • Reverse Logistics

    Through our logistics, material recovery, and ITAD processes, our Reverse Logistics support services drive new product sales for our customers.

  • Asset Disposition

    We guarantee excellence as a world-class provider of IT Asset Disposition and manufacturing services.

  • Certified Recycling

    Wisetek’s activities revolve around environmental protection. We provide certified recycling that is auditable and transparent. With Wisetek’s zero-landfill policy, you can be confident that your e-waste is properly disposed of.

  • Digital Reporting

    Wisetek’s online portal provides customers with a complete overview of all ongoing data destruction and recycling processes. Customers can access reports and manage their interactions with Wisetek from this page.

FAQ's Secure Data Destruction

What are the 3 major methods of destroying data?

Data can be permanently erased (overwriting), rendered unreadable (degaussing), or physically destroyed (data destruction).

How do I get a certificate of data destruction?

This document certifies that data destruction has taken place in accordance with all regulations, and is given to you by the data destruction provider. Beware of companies that claim to destroy data but can’t provide certificates of data destruction.

Who is responsible for data destruction?

Under GDPR, companies aren’t necessarily responsible for directly destroying data, since they can (and should) entrust this process to a certified third party or IT disposal company. Similarly, the IT department within a company can’t be made responsible for this process. However, businesses have a responsibility to have designated data destruction procedures, and to monitor them even if they’re outsourced.

What exactly is a data destruction policy?

A data destruction policy is the written outline of the specific steps a business takes to securely destroy data. The policy specifies the procedures taken to destroy paper documents, but also any data contained in electronic or digital devices, such as computers, hard drives, mobile phones, and any other devices that store data.

What are two types of data destruction?

Digitally held data is usually destroyed by destroying the storage media in which data was held, including all its components. The destruction can take place by crushing or shredding the storage device.

Is destruction of data a data breach?

Professional data destruction is not a data breach. Rather the opposite, it’s done to prevent data breaches. However, accidentally or unlawfully destroying personal data constitutes a data breach.

What is data destruction?

This process involves using data destruction hardware that renders data stored in physical media fully unreadable and irretrievable, guaranteeing full confidentiality.  
What is the punishment for breaking the UK Data Protection Act? 
Infringing data protection laws in the UK is a serious matter that incurs fines, which are calculated based on a percentage of the infringing company’s total annual turnover, or issued as a specific amount.  
There are two types of fines: one for breaking data protection principles and people’s rights, and another for breaking administrative procedures.  
Moreover, the sanctioning authority, which in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office, can also issue formal reprimands, warnings, as well as temporary and permanent bans on processing data. 
What is the maximum fine for a data breach in the UK? 
The specific amount of data breach penalties is set on case-by-case basis, but can be as high as £17.5 million or 4% of a company’s annual global revenues, depending on which one is greater.  
It should be noted that a UK-based company involved in a data breach that affects EU customers can be fined under EU GDPR law, which sets the maximum fine to €20 million.

Is on-site data destruction a good idea?

Only if this procedure is done by a certified data destruction company that follows best practices. On-site data deletion done by staff (such as deleting files, formatting devices, or emptying the Recycle Bin) doesn’t amount to data destruction and can have legal consequences. 

How do you dispose of data under GDPR?

You’re required to choose destruction methods that ensure with all certainty that data can no longer be recovered. In addition, data must be disposed of in a timely manner, ensuring it’s not stored for longer than necessary.  

Is all data stored on a hard drive?

Not always. In computers and laptops, the hard drive only accounts for one storage location. Many newer computers are equipped a hard drive (HDD), and with an SSD (Solid State Drive), where data is also stored. Moreover, data can remain in the computer’s RAM memory under certain conditions, which means it could be harvested by unauthorised third parties. 

How do companies destroy data?

It depends on where data is stored, but the most common methods used as physical destruction via shredding or crushing storage devices, drive disintegration, overwriting, and magnetic degaussing. 

How will my data be destroyed?

At Wisetek, we choose the most secure data destruction method for each media, ensuring it complies with local and national regulations. This could mean hard drive shredding, SSD disintegration, or other methods in line with the latest industry standards.

When should data be destroyed under GDPR?

Data should be destroyed without undue delay when someone requests that you delete data you hold about them, unless there are compelling reasons to keep the data. Undue delay is generally considered to be 1 month. 
In addition, data should be destroyed as soon as possible after it stops being necessary for the purposes for which it was initially collected, processed, and stored. For example, if you gathered customers’ data for a Christmas marketing campaign, data should be deleted after the campaign is over.  

How is data destruction different than deletion?

Essentially, data in electronic or digital form only stops existing if it’s destroyed or overwritten. Simply deleting data does not make it irretrievable, since the Delete button only tells the device to free up the block of space taken by a given file. By contrast, expert data destruction ensures that no data can be harvested or retrieved. 

What methods are acceptable for destruction?

A secure data destruction process can use different methods, depending on the device to be destroyed. Data in hard drives can be destroyed through overwriting, degaussing (removing data with a strong magnetic signal), or by physically destroying the hard drive.  
Data from solid state drives is best destroyed by physically destroying the drive (e.g. shredding, disintegrating, or crushing it).

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