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Data is the lifeblood of almost every modern business, and as such, it has become a valuable commodity that requires protection. While most businesses have stringent measures to protect live data, unused data is often overlooked and vulnerable. Simply deleting data from a storage media doesn’t mean that hackers cannot recover it at a later stage. Bearing in mind that data protection laws apply to both live and disused data, the importance of ensuring that data is permanently destroyed becomes clear.

Why Choose Wisetek?

  • National Coverage

    Large Footprint

    Wisetek is a professional ITAD company in UK that offers the largest secure data erasure services in the UK. With facilities located in mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland, we can make sure that your data is destroyed in compliance with both local and international data protection regulations. 

  • CSR Strategy

    Effective CSR Strategy

    Protecting the environment should be one of the highest priorities in any business. Wisetek can help businesses to properly dispose of retired IT assets in a way that is environmentally safe and prevents hackers from accessing data. 

  • Be Wholly and Effortlessly Compliant

    Compliance with Legislation

    Compliance with data protection legislation isn’t always an easy task. Regulations can change frequently, and staying on top of them is important in every business. Wisetek can do the hard work for you and ensure that you always remain compliant with legislation.

  • Full ITAD Solutions

    Complete ITAD Solutions

    Wisetek offers a one-stop range of ITAD solutions that includes on-site and off-site data destruction, data erasure, corporate computer recycling, hard drive destruction, data centre services and IT asset disposition. Wisetek’s global presence makes it the leader in IT asset disposal solutions.

  • Your Trust is Our Goal

    Transparent Process

    Trust is important when it comes to data destruction. At Wisetek, we have nothing to hide from customers and we invite all our customers to observe the data destruction process for themselves. In addition to this, we also provide video evidence of the data destruction process when requested.

  • Flexible Pricing

    On-Point Pricing

    Every business has unique data destruction needs and unique budget requirements. At Wisetek, we work with our customers to find the best solution for their specific needs. Our flexible pricing strategy puts effective data destruction services within reach of every business.

The Benefits of Secure Data Erasure

There are multiple benefits to ensuring that data is securely destroyed. These include:

Compliance with International Best Practices

As mentioned, more and more countries are introducing stringent data protection measures. These measures include the disposal of data. In response to this change in legislation, many companies have adopted better data management practices. By using secure data erasure services from a reputable service provider like Wisetek, you can ensure that your company’s data destruction policies align with internationally accepted best practices.  

Compliance with Legislation

Legislation designed to protect sensitive and private consumer data regulates how data should be disposed of. Secure data erasure ensures that your end-of-life data doesn’t fall into the hands of cybercriminals and reduces the risk of suffering financial and reputational penalties. In recent years, various companies have received substantial fines due to non-compliance with legal provisions, and these penalties can often result in companies ending up in severe financial trouble. Where data protection and disposal are concerned, prevention is better than cure. 

Building Customer Trust

Customer trust is an important aspect of every business, and it can sometimes be difficult to build up this trust. By using the services of a certified data erasure company to destroy unused data, your company shows its customers that it takes its responsibility to protect data seriously. This, in turn, builds customer confidence and trust and leads to continued support. In addition, using secure data erasure improves the reputation of your company.

Destructive Data Erasure

This form of data erasure makes use of a hard drive shredder to physically destroy a storage medium and the data it contains. Destructive data erasure is considered particularly suitable for highly sensitive data and is generally considered to be the most secure way in which to dispose of data. However, this method is expensive because the storage medium itself is also destroyed in the process.

Non-Destructive Data Erasure

As the name implies, non-destructive data erasure makes use of an NSA-approved degausser to delete data from a storage medium. This form of data erasure is extremely secure and data cannot be recovered from a storage medium once the degaussing process has been completed. The upside is that the storage medium itself is not destroyed and can be reused or marketed. Wisetek’s Milton Keyes facility uses industry-leading technology to permanently delete data from storage mediums earmarked for reuse or sale.

Solid State Disintegration

Solid State Drives cannot be destroyed in the same way as traditional storage mediums and require specialist destruction techniques to destroy the data they contain securely. Wisetek uses a state-of-the-art solid-state disintegration process to reduce solid-state drives to dust-size particles. This process guarantees that no data can be recovered from the drives afterward.

Certified Data Destruction

Wisetek is a certified data destruction service provider. International certification bodies such as WHEELABEX, ISO, R2- responsible recycling, and eStewards have all issued certificates confirming that Wisetek operates data destruction facilities that meet international standards. Choosing Wisetek as your data destruction partner gives you peace of mind knowing that your customer’s data cannot fall into the hands of cybercriminals.

International Footprint, Local Service

Wisetek is one of the leaders in the field of secure data erasure and destruction. We bring years of experience and know-how to our customers. We operate various facilities across the UK and can offer customers a quick turnaround and the convenience of dealing with a local company.

Data Erasure FAQs

Can Erased Data be Recovered?

No. Data that has been erased using a secure data erasure process cannot be recovered. Wisetek uses advanced processes and techniques to ensure that data cannot be recovered after destruction.

Can a Hard Drive be Reused After Secure Data Erasure?

It depends on the method that was used to erase the data. Since destructive data erasure destroys the storage medium and data, the device cannot be used again. If a degaussing process has been used, the storage medium can be reused.

Is Data Deletion the same as Data Destruction?

No. Data deletion and data erasure are two very different concepts. Deleted data can be recovered, while erased data is permanently destroyed. Deleted data can still be recovered through relatively simple processes, which means that simply deleting data doesn’t mitigate the risk of recovery by cybercriminals.

Can Encrypted Data be Erased?

Yes. Secure data erasure can be used on any data, whether it is encrypted or not. Both destructive and non-destructive data erasure processes can be used to erase password-protected or encrypted data.

Can Secure Data Erasure Processes be Used on any Device?

Yes. Any device can be erased. However, it is important to note that some devices, such as solid-state discs, can only be erased by destroying the storage media itself.

Does Secure Data Erasure Meet Legal Requirements?

Yes, secure data erasure meets the legal requirements for responsible data disposal in most countries. Secure data erasure is one of the accepted data disposal methods outlined in the EU GDPR.

How Can You Identify a Reliable Data Erasure Company?

Data destruction service providers are subject to stringent regulations that are designed to ensure that data is disposed of correctly. Reliable service providers will always be certified by several certification bodies. Look out for certifications such as WHEELABEX, R2 responsible recycling and ISO before engaging the services of a data destruction service provider.

What Is the Most Secure Method of Data Erasure?

Although all professional data destruction methods are considered reliable, the most secure method is the physical destruction of the storage medium. This is referred to as hard drive shredding and results in the total destruction of data.

Are There Official Data Erasure Standards?

Yes. Several international standards regulate the data erasure industry. Wisetek is certified by many of these, including WHEELABEX and the International Standards Organisation. It is always advisable to use a certified company when looking to outsource data destruction services.

What is Secure Data Erasure?

Secure data erasure refers to the process of permanently and irretrievably deleting data from a storage medium. It is important to note that two kinds of data erasure services are available. Depending on the sensitivity of the data, data can either be erased from a drive or the drive itself can be destroyed.

What are the Risks Related to Improper Data Destruction?

Improperly disposing of data carries many risks and it is important for businesses to do everything that they can to ensure that they dispose of data in a proper manner. The easiest way to do this is by using a reputable data destruction service provider. However, make sure to check that the service provider you choose is properly certified. Using an uncertified service provider doesn’t guarantee that the data will be completely destroyed and can result in financial and reputational problems later down the line.

Our Data Erasure Services

Hard Drive Degaussing Service

Hard drive degaussing is the preferred method of data destruction when the data in question is not highly classified. Since the procedure is non-destructive, degaussing can be used to securely erase data from storage mediums that have been selected for remarketing or reuse. Wisetek uses state-of-the-art NSA-approved degaussers, making data retrieval after the erasure process impossible.

hard drive degaussing service in UK

Onsite Hard Drive Shredder Platforms

There are times when nothing except 100% certainty will do. For these cases, we offer onsite hard drive destruction services. Our mobile hard drive shredder platforms can come to your business premises, and you can witness the destruction process in person. With our NSA-approved rigs, you can be 100% sure that any and all data will be destroyed.

data erasure services

Nationwide Solid-State Disintegration

Solid-state storage mediums cannot be destroyed in the same way as other traditional data storage mediums. At Wisetek, we use solid-state disintegration to reduce solid-state storage mediums to dust-size particles. This process guarantees that the data is 100% destroyed and can never be retrieved.

Nationwide Solid-State Disintegration

Global Footprint, Local Service

Wisetek’s large global footprint allows us to provide our customers with the best possible processes, international experience and technology. We combine this with a strong presence throughout the UK and Europe to give our customers the experience of closely working with a local service provider whilst still having all the benefits of working with a global industry leader. Using Wisetek’s services ensures that your company remains in compliance with international data protection regulations.

international data protection

Fully Certified Data Destruction Services

Wisetek is fully compliant with all the most respected international data destruction standards. With certifications from several international organisations such as ISO, R2- responsible recycling, eStewards and WHEELABEX, you can be sure that we are committed to delivering the best possible service and earning the trust of our customers.

Data Erasure Services

Secure Data Destruction Service

We have developed stringent security protocols and procedures which are designed to ensure that your data is always safe and remains out of the hands of hackers and cybercriminals. When you choose Wisetek, you can observe the data destruction process in person and you will not have any doubts as to whether or not your data has been destroyed securely.

secure data destruction service in UK

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