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Wisetek is your trusted partner for secure Data Centre Decommissioning in the UK and globally. Our wide range of data centre services are designed to help businesses securely dispose of redundant data centre equipment. From small-scale organisations to large and complex organisations, data destruction is a problem that requires expert solutions.  

Modern organisations store massive amounts of data, much of it sensitive, on everything from corporate-owned PCs and laptops to data centre equipment. Wisetek has the expertise needed to assist organisations with the data centre decommissioning process. 

Why Choose Wisetek?

  • Secure Comprehensive Services

    Comprehensive Range of Services

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution to secure decommissioning of data centre equipment, which is why Wisetek offers secure and comprehensive services tailored to the needs of any business, ranging from SMEs to global corporations. 

  • Maximize IT Asset ROI

    Maximise the ROI on IT Assets

    Whilst many data centre decommissioning companies offer secure IT asset disposition, Wisetek goes beyond by maximising the potential ROI on redundant IT assets through refurbishment and remarketing.

  • Robust Quality Control

    Improved Data Centre Performance

    Why is decommissioning important? Wisetek uses asset testing and evaluation to determine the performance of IT assets, ensuring that any redundant or end-of-life assets are repaired or refurbished and that all operational assets are left operating smoothly. 

  • Certified ITAD Services

    ITAD Certifications & Qualifications

    One of the biggest concerns with IT asset disposition is secure data destruction. Wisetek offers peace of mind through auditable and transparent processes, including full reporting, data destruction certificates, and video verification, thereby keeping your organisation compliant with data protection legislation such as GDPR.

Data Centre Decommissioning in the UK

Organisations in the UK and worldwide collect, store, and disseminate massive quantities of data on a daily basis. Data centres such as the KAO Data Campus in Harlow, Essex, or the many large facilities located in London or Birmingham are major hubs for data centre activity in the UK. 

All of this data is held on devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and in data centres on hard drives. Much of the data held on these devices may be sensitive in nature, with the consequences potentially being dire should a device fall into the wrong hands. 

Data centre decommissioning hardware therefore must be fully compliant and thorough to ensure that all sensitive data is securely destroyed in the IT asset disposition processes. Some of the steps involved include: 

data centre commissioning Electronic waste

Planning Phase

First and foremost, data centre decommissioning in the UK must be thoroughly planned out in advance. Not only do modern data centres often contain a vast array of data centre hardware and equipment, but they can be spread across a wide facility. The planning phase should include a checklist of every step that must be undertaken to successfully complete the data centre decommissioning task. 

data centre decommissioning planning

Implementation Phase

The data centre infrastructure must then be physically decommissioned. This involves removing server hardware, storage media, and collecting any related IT devices such as mobile phones or laptops. Every single device must be accounted for to mitigate sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. 

data centre decommissioning services Uk

Disposing Phase

Once the process of data centre decommissioning has been completed, all sensitive data must be securely destroyed. Depending on the type of storage media (HDD, SSD), different methods may be used, such as hard drive shredding. IT assets that can be recycled or refurbished are then processed in the most efficient manner, reducing needless e-waste and maximising ROI on redundant assets in the process. 

Data Centre Decomissioning Disposal Phase

Key Aspects When Decommissioning a Data Centre

The rise of cloud-based technology has led to many organisations shifting away from traditional on-premises data centres. This has resulted in a commensurate increase in data centre decommissioning projects, all of which must be completed in a secure manner. Some of the top considerations for an organisation planning to decommission a data centre: 

ITAD Service

The prevalence of data centre decommissioning is relatively new, so it’s essential that you choose to partner with an ITAD provider such as Wisetek who have the expertise and experience needed to securely decommission IT assets. Selecting the best ITAD company possible is perhaps the most important consideration your organisation can make, so only choose professional ITAD providers who have recognised credentials and a strict adherence to best practices within the ITAD industry. 

IT Asset Disposition Service


Peace of mind is an important benefit that comes with selecting the right ITAD provider for your data centre decommissioning project, but it’s also important to have fully auditable processes that give accountability and leave a paper trail for any stakeholders in the project. Real-time auditing of the data centre decommissioning process enables organisations to evaluate the financial impact of the project, review ROI values for redundant IT assets, and to follow every step of the process in detail. 

data centre decommissioning planning

Data Destruction

Data breaches have become extremely costly and frequent in recent years, putting pressure on organisations to improve their cybersecurity and to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. Do not overlook the importance of secure data destruction to prevent data breaches; instead, choose a reputable ITAD provider such as Wisetek that also adheres to a Zero-Landfill Policy and a commitment to environmental stewardship with regards to electronic waste. 

Health and Safety

During the data centre decommissioning process, the health and safety of employees at the premises remain a priority. The physical removal of data centre hardware and the destruction processes must all be compliant with occupational health and safety regulations, from the beginning to the end of the decommissioning project. 

Data Centre Decommissioning Health and Safety


Every organisation with IT equipment can benefit from having a robust, up-to-date IT asset inventory. Tracking corporate-owned devices with an IT asset inventory matters for many important reasons, such as:

  • Safety & Security icon

    Data Security

    Reduce the risks of sensitive data being compromised by tracking where your IT assets are deployed and who is using the device. 

  • Clear Data Destruction Policy

    UK & Global Compliance

    Regulations and legislation regarding data protection and data security are becoming more stringent as policymakers seek to protect data privacy. Organisations in the UK must comply with GDPR UK, for example, as well as exercise all due diligence. IT asset inventories can provide accountability and can increase compliance. 

  • Cost management

    Reduce unnecessary loss or unscheduled replacement of IT assets by keeping an up-to-date IT asset inventory that identifies all assets and where they are deployed. An IT asset inventory can greatly reduce IT expenditures whilst making cost accounting simpler. 

Data Centre Decommissioning Checklist


Failing to plan is simply planning to fail, and this old saying certainly applies to data centre decommissioning in the UK. During the planning phase, a detailed roadmap should be prepared that outlines the various steps and milestones involved in the project. Some elements that should be considered include project cost budgeting, estimated timelines, labour and scheduling requirements, data backup procedures, and methods of data destruction. Adhering to a good plan can help keep the project running smoothly whilst reducing the chances of a data breach occurring. 



The next important step is to inventory all IT assets pertaining to the data centre decommissioning project. All data centre hardware should be accounted for and it should correspond to existing records – no asset should be left unaccounted for. Furthermore, ancillary devices to the data centre should also be accounted for, which may include PCs or laptops, for example. During this phase, key stakeholders should determine what to do with decommissioned hardware. Possible solutions could include redeployment within the organisation, recycling, or refurbishment and remarketing via third parties. Lastly, ensure that personnel responsible for the data centre decommissioning project are accounted for and that they are trustworthy and approved. 



Once all relevant IT assets have been inventoried, your team can begin the physical data centre decommissioning process. When delegating this task to an ITAD company, it is important to provide them with access to the data centre, providing power connection points for decommissioning hardware, and ensuring that pathways are tidy and safe. Disconnect all IT assets that have been earmarked for removal from the power supply. Ensure that your own personnel adhere to health and safety regulations and ensure that your ITAD provider has their own health and safety policy in place. 

Data Centre Decommissioning


Upon completion of the physical decommissioning process, your organisation should retain all relevant documentation to create an auditable record of the project. This includes obtaining data destruction certificates from your ITAD provider, which clearly state all relevant details of the destruction of every IT asset and demonstrate full accountability. Furthermore, remove or revoke any licenses issued to decommissioned assets. IT assets scheduled for refurbishment and remarketing should be securely packaged for transport. Finally, ensure that the data centre premises has been completely cleaned and vacated and that no devices or clutter are left behind. 

These key steps for data centre decommissioning in the UK form a core checklist, but there is much more to consider in detail. Learn more from Wisetek’s data center decommissioning checklist. 


Full Suite of Data Centre Services

  • Manufacturing & Fulfilment

    Manufacturing & Fulfilment

    Procuring, designing, and assembling IT infrastructure can be a challenge for many organisations. Get peace of mind with Wisetek’s manufacturing & fulfilment services, which include supply chain, inventory management, IT infrastructure assembly and configuration, import and export processing, and full system testing. 

  • Data Centre & Office On-Site Services

    Office & Data Centre On-Site Services

    Keep track of all of your organisation’s IT assets in real-time with Wisetek’s cloud-based audit reporting portal and our various other remote IT solutions. Wisetek also provides thorough physical IT asset audits and assistance in the redeployment and relocation of IT assets. 

  • Leave No Trace Behind: Destructive Recycling

    Reverse Logistics & IT Asset Disposition

    There are many challenges that come with managing IT assets within an organisation. Wisetek can facilitate the work of IT personnel with cost-effective and efficient reverse logistics services such as OEM swap refresh, swap out, used part recovery and recycling, and sending defective/faulty equipment back to vendors. Our global network of resellers help organisations obtain maximum ROI for used parts, components, and IT devices. 

  • Certified Recycling

    Certified Recycling

    Wisetek is committed to environmental stewardship through various practices, all of which are designed to minimise e-waste. We are pioneers of the circular economy for ITAD and have implemented a Zero-Landfill Policy, and we also provide customers with environmental reporting metrics. 



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