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Wisetek is a global leader in IT Asset Disposition services, including secure hard drive destruction in the UK. Our comprehensive ITAD services include a wide array of hard drive destruction, such as hard drive degaussing, shredding, and disintegration. If you’re wondering how to destroy a hard drive to keep your organisation’s data secure and avoid a costly data breach, Wisetek has professional solutions tailored to the needs of your business. 

Old hard drives often contain sensitive data that could compromise an organisation if they fall into the wrong hands, which is why physical destruction is often necessary. Data destruction is far more comprehensive than wiping an old computer hard drive, and it ensures that no individual can ever retrieve the data afterward meaning that you can safely dispose of your hard drive and redundant IT Assets.

Benefits of Hard Drive Destruction From Wisetek

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    Bolster Your Organisation’s Data Security

    A key method of remaining compliant with GDPR UK and demonstrating due diligence with regard to data protection and data security is to ensure that the risks of a data breach are minimised. Wisetek’s secure hard disk destruction and data destruction methods are thorough and certified. 

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    Environmentally Friendly Hard Drive Disposal

    Wisetek is committed to environmental stewardship and a Zero Landfill Policy, which means that our hard drive disposal procedures seek to minimise needless e-waste and to instead choose hard drive recycling or refurbishment and remarketing whenever possible. Our environmentally friendly and sustainable hard drive disposal methods are beneficial to organisations with green CSR initiatives. 

  • Get More From Your Investment

    Maximise Your IT Investment

    Modern businesses with large IT infrastructure expenditures stand to benefit from maximising their investments with Wisetek’s Certified Recycling and IT asset remarketing services. Wisetek operates a Circular Economy model which helps clients recoup IT expenses through our global network of resellers for redundant IT assets. 

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    Maintain Customer Trust

    While it might be possible to recover from the immediate financial losses that can result from a data breach, recovering lost customer trust is not so easy. At Wisetek we understand how difficult it can be to earn the trust of your customers, so we make sure that you keep it by offering secure data destruction solutions.

  • Maintain Customer Trust

    Full Chain of Custody

    Our DataDEAD user portal allows clients to track and verify the process of hard drive destruction in the UK for all IT assets scheduled for destruction, request video verification of each destroyed hard drive, and to read reports on the full chain of custody. Wisetek also offers certificates of destruction for hard drives and other media as well as a full suite of IT services such as Remote IT. 

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    IT Asset Remarketing

    Through a global network of reputable resellers, Wisetek is able to leverage a fully circular economy for the remarketing of redundant IT assets. This helps our clients achieve the maximum ROI on their IT assets whilst diverting what would otherwise be needless e-waste from the tip. Assets that are remarketed can be purchased through the Wisetek Store. 

Experts In


Hard Drive Degaussing

Through the use of powerful magnets, hard drive degaussing equipment ‘scrambles’ the contents of magnetic media such as hard drives, thereby rendering all data held on the asset completely destroyed and irretrievable without physically damaging the remainder of the asset. Professional hard drive degaussing is a cost-effective method of destroying old hard drives such as HDDs. 


One of the best methods of data destruction in terms of thoroughness and data security is Hard Drive Shredding. Professional hard drive destroyers used by Wisetek can reduce hard drives and other media to small, coarse pieces. Fine, 2mm particle size can be requested as well for additional peace of mind. 

hard drive destruction methods


For highly-secure and thorough Data Destruction of SSD hard drives, disintegration is amongst the most effective methods of rendering data completely irretrievable from the hard drive. The hard drive is subjected to enormous pressure and is then rendered down into coarse pieces 2mm in size. Hard drive disintegration is ideal for non-magnetic hard drive storage solutions such as SSD and flash media. 

hard drive destroying disintegration method

Hard Drive Destruction FAQs

How to destroy your computer hard drive?

There are many methods of hard drive destruction in the UK. These include destructive and non-destructive methods, whereby the storage medium can be re-used afterwards. Depending on the sensitivity of the data held on the hard drive and the level of security required for destroying the hard drive, some methods are preferable to others. 

For example, a business laptop containing access to vital employee and/or customer data (i.e. personally identifiable information), passwords and login credentials, should be thoroughly destroyed by a professional ITAD company using physical hard drive destruction. Less sensitive data that cannot realistically be used in a data breach can be destroyed by wiping the hard drive or through methods such as degaussing. 

Is it possible to recycle a hard drive after it’s been shredded?

Yes. Shredded hard drives are actually easier to recycle than intact hard drives because the many rare earth minerals and metals found within a hard drive have already been separated and can be sorted through with greater ease. Hard drive shredding is therefore an excellent, environmentally friendly method of hard drive recycling that reduces e-waste whilst also being highly secure. 

Where is all of the data held on a hard drive?

It depends. Most hard drives can be categorised as either HDDs or SSDs. HDDs use moving mechanical parts and magnetism to hold all data on a small disc called a platter. This specific component needs to be physically destroyed or exposed to powerful magnetic forces (e.g. degaussing) in order to destroy the data. 

SSDs have no mechanical moving parts required for data storage and instead use flash memory to read/write data. For these drives, the physical destruction of the entire hard drive ensures that all data is irretrievable. 

Is it possible to recover data from a wiped hard drive?

It may be possible to recover data, in whole or in part, from a hard drive that has been digitally shredded or wiped. Software applications that wipe hard drives can vary in quality and trustworthiness, with some leaving a trail that can be recovered with some IT knowledge and tools. The most secure and permanent way of ensuring that all sensitive data is completely destroyed is to leave the hard drive destruction to IT asset disposition experts.

How secure is hard drive shredding?

Generally, physical hard drive shredding is a complete and thorough method of data destruction. A shredded hard drive is rendered into coarse 2mm pieces that would be immensely challenging to reassemble into anything meaningful. For added peace of mind, it is possible to shred hard drives into 0.5mm particles – essentially dust. 

Are deleted files permanently gone?

No, deleting a file on Windows or placing the file in the Recycle Bin might help tidy up your workspace visually, but it does not destroy the data. Recovery of deleted files is fairly simple and requires no real IT skill, so it is certainly not a valid method of data destruction in the UK, especially for an organisation that must maintain data protection and data security. 

Can a magnet destroy a hard drive?

Although everyday magnets can scramble old floppy disks, a non-industrial strength magnet simply cannot exert sufficient force to scramble an HDD. Hard drive degaussers use powerful magnetic forces to destroy all data held on magnetic media such as HDDs without damaging the remainder of the storage medium. Degaussers are ideal for HDDs, but they are not suitable for the secure data destruction of SSD hard drives or other flash-memory-based media. 

Which data destruction alternatives are there to hard drive shredding?

There are many alternatives to hard drive shredding, such as crushing, punching, and acid melting. Although there are alternatives to physical hard drive shredding, most are seldom used as they are either far too costly and/or require far too much manual labour. Hard drive shredding equipment can consistently and reliably process multiple hard drives, conveniently on-premises or off-site at our Milton Keynes location as required by the client. 

Are hard drive shredders useful for all storage media?

Yes. While hard drive degaussing is only ideal for HDD and magnetic media, hard drive shredding is useful for all commonly used storage media including SSD hard drives and USB flash drives. 

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