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    Disk drives erased, certified and destroyed
  • 19.2M
    Parts recorded
    and processed
  • £1.75B
    Components recovered for reuse

Organisations manage massive quantities of data held on IT devices and in data centres, resulting in a rise in demand for secure IT Asset Disposition in the UK. All of the PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and data centre hardware make modern digital businesses effective, but they also pose new challenges in terms of managing IT devices and disposing of redundant, end-of-life (EoL) IT assets. 

Not only do all redundant IT assets need to be disposed of securely, destroying all sensitive data in the process, but secure IT asset disposition must also consider the environmental impacts of electronics waste (e-waste) and the potential ROI yields on retired IT assets.  

Wisetek is a trusted global leader in IT asset disposition, providing expert IT asset disposition in the UK from our office in Milton Keynes. 


IT Asset Disposition in the UK and Worldwide, From a Single Point of Contact.

Wisetek have been providing secure IT asset disposition services for over 40 years. Our professional services have helped numerous clients worldwide in the secure and efficient management of EoL IT assets, giving them greater peace of mind, maximum ROI on redundant IT assets, and improving sustainability by minimising needless e-waste. 

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Why Choose Wisetek

For Professional IT Asset Disposition in the UK

  • Flexible Pricing

    Flexible Pricing

    Wisetek’s services are designed to provide top-notch value for our clients. Only pay for services that your organisation needs and take advantage of our flexible price schemes for IT asset disposition in the UK. 

  • Reliable and Secure

    Reliable & Secure

    Wisetek’s services are designed to provide top-notch value for our clients. Only pay for services that your organisation needs and take advantage of our flexible price schemes for IT asset disposition in the UK. 

  • Return on Investment

    Maximum ROI

    Wisetek’s global remarketing network enables clients to obtain the maximum ROI on redundant IT assets. The IT asset disposition market for refurbished and remarketed devices also reduces e-waste and encourages reusing IT assets. 

  • Global Solutions

    Global Solutions

    From our UK office in Milton Keynes, Wisetek is a global organisation serving clients located in Ireland, the UK, USA, Continental Europe, Asia, and elsewhere around the world through our sales offices and our trusted 3rd party partners. 

  • Bespoke Client Solutions

    Bespoke Client Solutions

    If your organisation uses IT equipment, Wisetek has solutions tailored for your needs. We work with clients across vastly different sectors and industries, ranging from smaller SMEs to large, multinational corporations. 

  • Global Certifications

    Global Certifications

    Wisetek is proud to be compliant and certified with international organisations including ISO 9001, ISO14001, R2, DLA Logistics Information Server, Weeelabex, e-Stewards, OHSAS 18001, and our own environmental commitment, Wisetek Sustainable EARTH. See our Certificates. 

Experts in

IT Asset Disposition Services

IT Asset Audit & Removal

  • Full IT asset inventory of all IT assets 
  • Secure physical decommissioning and removal of redundant IT assets 
  • Complete chain of custody tracking for all IT assets, e.g. collection, redeployment, remarketing, or recycling 
  • Online live tracking and reporting through Wisetek’s ITAD portal 
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Data Sanitisation Services

Secure data destruction services using professional, certified methods of hard drive destruction such as shredding. We supply data destruction certificates for every IT asset processed. Video verification also available. 

Wisetek provides secure on-site data destruction services at business hubs across the UK, such as in Greater London, Essex, East Midlands, Tyne & Wear, and elsewhere in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 

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Global Re-Marketing

Wisetek’s valued clients trust our global network of resellers for the maximum ROI on all redundant IT assets. We achieve this through the following means: 

  • Global team of approved and experienced resellers with full transparency of Wisetek’s available inventory 
  • Refurbishment and remarketing through retail platforms such as Wisetek Store UK 
  • A trusted IT buyer network for 3rd party support and solutions providers 
  • Distribution channels with efficient upstream & downstream supply chain 
  • Broker markets and wholesalers – Wisetek processes millions of devices every year, making wholesalers and brokers an effective way to boost ROI on large volumes of IT assets 
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Destructive Recycling

Wisetek is committed to environmental stewardship, which we achieve with our trusted clients through our Circular Economy model and our commitment to a Zero-Landfill Policy. In cases where remarketing is not possible, we endeavour to provide secure IT asset destruction and recycling to minimise e-waste. This includes hard drive destruction methods such as hard drive shredding, including video verification or in-person verification for our clients. All ITAD services are fully auditable, including downstream inventories of IT asset recycling. 

ITAD services

Wisetek’s End User Management Portal ReturnTEK

Wisetek’s ReturnTEK is an innovative client service portal that provides users with a comprehensive range of services designed to catalogue all returning IT assets, including a thorough condition analysis, valuation, and the collection and redeployment of assets in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, all IT assets are fully tracked and traced in real-time. 

Certified Equipment Destruction

Whenever IT assets cannot feasibly be remarketed or recycled, Wisetek will employ secure IT asset disposition in the UK such as hard drive destruction for all EoL IT assets. Our on-site and off-site (at our Wisetek facilities) ITAD services are available across the UK from our office located in Milton Keynes. 

Wisetek holds certifications with: R2- Responsible Recycling, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, e-Stewards, DLA Logistics Information Service, Weeelabex, and our own in-house accreditation, Wisetek Sustainable Earth. 

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Data Centre Services

With the rise of cloud-based storage solutions, more organisations than ever are choosing to decommission their old, traditional data centres. Wisetek offers professional data centre services such as data centre decommissioning, which securely manage the dismantling and disposition of data centre IT assets and infrastructure. 

ITAD Services

Worldwide Partnerships & Coverage

Choosing amongst IT asset disposition companies can be a challenge, especially for global organisations in need of global solutions. Wisetek is capable and experienced to handle the challenges faced by global organisations, always with a focus on secure ITAD and sustainable processes that maximise the ROI for our clients’ IT assets. We operate in the UK, Ireland, USA, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere through our global sales offices and certified resellers. 

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IT Asset Disposition - FAQ’s

How to Select the Right ITAD Provider?

The cost of a data breach is around $4.35 million (about £3.61 million) in 2022, remaining a pernicious and persistent threat to organisations in the UK and worldwide. IT asset disposition in the UK must therefore actively be used to mitigate the key risk vectors that can compromise data protection and data security. 

 This is important in order to remain GDPR-compliant within the UK and for commercial activities involving EU residents, as well as to remain compliant with the growing number of data protection laws being enacted in other jurisdictions. 

Therefore, IT asset disposition companies in the UK must offer secure and reliable services. ITAD companies such as Wisetek offer global solutions, including remote IT solutions, reverse logistics, manufacturing & fulfilment, certified recycling, and much more. Our ISO-certified ITAD processes help clients achieve maximum ROI on EoL IT assets, reduce needless e-waste, and feed into a circular economy model with initiatives such as our Zero-Landfill Policy. 

Wisetek’s secure ITAD services help organisations in the UK and worldwide to achieve these benefits. Our solutions for IT asset disposition in the UK such as data centre decommissioning, hard drive destruction, hard drive shredding, and data erasure protect data protection whilst minimising the chances that sensitive data falls into the wrong hands. 

Worldwide Partnerships & Coverage

Modern businesses deal with enormous quantities of data held on IT devices and data centre equipment. While the benefits of an increasingly digitised economy may be clear, it also comes with potential downsides. Data breaches and compromised data security have also become commonplace, which is one of many reasons why businesses in the UK and elsewhere rely on secure ITAD services. 

ITAD works in tandem with organisational efforts and policies to protect sensitive data by managing the disposition of IT assets at a potentially vulnerable endpoint – their disposal. Redundant IT assets must be properly disposed of with all sensitive data thoroughly destroyed in order to mitigate the possibility of data being compromised. 

 Moreover, the large volumes of IT devices used in modern organisations must also be disposed of in a sustainable manner. E-waste is a growing global problem and many organisations must consider their environmental impact from IT asset disposition in order to meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and to remain compliant with data disposal laws and regulations being implemented in jurisdictions around the world. 

Wisetek’s valued clients trust our secure, compliant ITAD processes. We are committed to providing secure, environmentally sustainable methods of data destruction. Our secure methods of IT asset disposition in the UK enable your organisation to yield the maximum ROI on redundant IT assets. 

Are IT Asset Disposition Certifications Necessary?

In the past few decades, the IT asset disposition market has risen sharply in response to the growth in cyberattacks. Data breaches have reached an all-time high both in cost and in frequency in 2021, and with the mass adoption of IT devices in modern workplaces, the risk of a severe data breach remain high. ITAD provides organisations with secure solutions that mitigate the risk of data breaches. 

Just as the market for ITAD has surged, however, so too has the need for professional and secure ITAD services from certified companies such as Wisetek. Nothing should be left to chance, which is why professional IT asset disposition in the UK should always include data destruction certificates, video verification files of data erasure, and a fully auditable trail to keep your organisation accountable and compliant. This demonstrates due diligence on the part of your organisation which can be essential in the event of a GDPR violation, for example. 

Wisetek provides fully secure and auditable ITAD processes. Clients can have the peace of mind that all of our processes are fully auditable and that no IT asset is left unaccounted for. 

IT Asset Disposition and the Circular Economy Model

Many modern supply chains still retain a “take, make, waste” linear economy that proceeds from raw resource extraction to processing, distributing, and ultimately to end consumers. Subsequently, many modern consumer products end up as unrecyclable waste such as electronics waste (e-waste) from IT devices. 

 Resolving this growing e-waste problem requires a concerted effort by consumers, policymakers, and producers of electronic goods. A circular economy model is an ideal way of reducing, reusing, and/or recycling IT assets, in whole or in part. Wisetek is a pioneer of the circular economy in the IT asset disposition industry. 

Our circular economy model seeks to minimise e-waste by instead refurbishing and remarketing redundant IT assets whenever possible, followed by recycling. This is achieved by our adherence to our Zero-Landfill Policy. As e-Stewards certified electronics recyclers, Wisetek remains committed to improving environmental sustainability with regards to IT asset disposition. 

Wisetek’s circular economy model and our Zero-Landfill Policy enable us to play our part in minimising the contribution to the global e-waste crisis whilst simultaneously helping your organisation achieve its internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. 

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Wisetek is a global leader in ITAD, providing secure and reliable ITAD services for clients located in the UK and worldwide. Contact us at our Milton Keynes office to learn more about our robust range of services. 

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